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Eaglecross Training Academy
             Dani Edgerton
Eaglecross Professional Trainer
  Eaglecross Kennels has added an additional service for our clients! Our growing need from our clients for puppy obedience trained before the delivery of their new puppy, has prompted us to add this service!  We are very excited to provide our clients with complete service in getting their puppy off to a great start! Meet our trainers!
        Puppy Obedience
Program Training Examples
YouTube, Eaglecross KennelsYouTube, Eaglecross Kennels
YouTube, Eaglecross KennelsYouTube, Eaglecross KennelsYouTube, Eaglecross Kennels
YouTube, Eaglecross KennelsYouTube, Eaglecross KennelsYouTube, Eaglecross KennelsYouTube, Eaglecross Kennels
YouTube, Eaglecross KennelsYouTube, Eaglecross KennelsYouTube, Eaglecross Kennels
YouTube, Eaglecross KennelsYouTube, Eaglecross Kennels
YouTube, Eaglecross Kennels
YouTube, Eaglecross KennelsYouTube, Eaglecross Kennels
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  At Eaglecross Training Academy we work with positive reinforcement type training for all our Goldendoodle and Labradoodle puppy's for sale and our clients. Our kennel has built a reputation on excellent temperament puppies for service work and for family pets. We have spent the last 20+ years producing dogs with high trainability for excellence in service work and for all our family's. Our training program at are facility gives your puppy an excellent start before it enters your home. We have several programs to suit  the specific needs that our clients have for basic obedience and advanced training.

   Our training program was designed for the growing needs of our clients in education and support for their new puppy. We deigned our training  around each specific need in follow up training. Our programs are to  build confidence, assurance  and education within our clients to insure a life time of enjoyment with their new family member. Our Goldendoodle and Labradoodle puppies for sale through our program have shown that early basic training have set the course of  excellence in obedience for their entire life!  Our kennel has a firm belief in an ongoing support for all of our client in their raising and training of their new puppy!
Dark goldendoodle puppy
In Two Weeeks of Training:

Your puppy will be exposed to handling, grooming, car rides and visiting stores. He will be socialized with a variety of dogs and people, including young child and men. He will learn not to jump up on you or to nip. He will begin his house training and crate training.

He will learn the following behaviors: Sit, Down , Settle, Stand, Walk at your side, Walk on leash, Come when called, Wait/Stay and Release, and some tricks for fun.

Training Programs
General Obediance ( Basic Training)  $450.00 Per Week
 In three weeks of training:

Your puppy will be fully house trained and crate trained. He will get in and out of the car easily. He will be able to work with distractions. He will be able to work any known command without treats. He will have an extended stay. He will have been worked by other people.

In four or five weeks of training:

Your puppy will be practiced extensively in different places and he will have visited someone in there home or office.He will come reliably when he is called. He will walk easily with you on leash or off. With a future service dog, he will have been vested to go to a store and he will begin training on some of the behaviors he will need for his job.
                       Nici Ewing
Eaglecross Kennel Professional Trainer
10 years training experience
Works with all breeds of dogs
Attended numerous conferences and seminars
Trained dogs to pass Therapy Dog International (TDI) tests, and Canine Good Citizen (CGC)  

 * 40 years experience training and handling dogs.
 * Began showing in AKC & 4-H Junior Handling in 1971.
 * Personally completed AKC championship titles on over 40 dogs in
 conformation, obedience, tracking and lure coursing.
 * Bred over 60 champion and titled AKC Greyhounds.
 * Trained puppies and adult dogs for acceptance into programs as guide
 dogs, diabetic and seizure alert dogs, autistic assistance dogs and
 PTSD assistance dogs
 * Taught training classes for 25 years for conformation handling,
 obedience trial competition and family dog training.
 * Trained hundreds of dogs and their handlers to pass the requirements
 to become certified therapy dogs and reader dogs through Therapy Dogs
 International, Inc.
 * Specializes in one on one training for creating great family dogs.


 * Established A Place for Paws in 1999 - Dog Daycare, Training and
 Socialization Center specializing in socializing and training family
 dogs and their people.
 * Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer.
 * Certified American Kennel Club Star Puppy instructor.
 * American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Dog Certified Tester.
 * Member - Association of Pet Dog Trainers.
 * American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit.
 * Presided as Judge at many 4-H events, AKC Dog Shows and matches.
 * Attends continuing education seminars and classes regularly focusing
 on all aspects of training, socialization and human & canine learning.
 * Loves all dogs and truly appreciates what makes a Doodle special!
 Meet Eaglecross Kennels
Trainers and support staff